Death with Dignity

I also saw this to be a wonderful heartfelt video from a young woman who wants to fight until the end. It is her choice, but not the choice that all would make.

Intersect Me

I have to share this video. This is beautiful, painful, candid, scary, loving and simply incredible all at once. Rarely do I find myself speechless, but this morning I am.

May God grant this mother, wife, sister and child of God strength and everlasting joy.

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3 thoughts on “Death with Dignity”

  1. A powerful video and a really positive way to deal with cancer. Well spoken and good for her for providing such a wonderful memory for her kids once she succumbs – IF she succumbs.

    1. I agree Kelly! I have also seen the video of Brittany Maynard who lived in Oregon as well and she chose a different route.
      To, me it is about choice for the individual who is dying or diagnosed as terminal.
      We should support the decision they make.

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