Unemployed. Help Me With My LinkedIn Profile?

Kelly, I am re-blogging this as a way to obtain additional readership and see what comments might come in….

I have seen various titles from ‘seeking a new challenge’ to ‘seeking employment’ and’ looking for a new challenge’ on LinkedIn.

In today’s world it is common that one is hired on contract or for a limited time, so seeking a new challenge or job makes sense.

Many people also have various jobs that are on contract or time limited or may work part-time. Some people switch work fields, just want to do something different or are in semi-retirement.

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LinkedIn is a fantastic and arguably the best social media tool for professional networking. It connects people who work in similar industries so they can share best practices; the discussion groups are beneficial for exchanging ideas and mentoring one another.

Employers use LinkedIn to check out profiles of job candidates and what other people are saying about them even before they decide to pick up the phone and offer someone an interview. Most of us know this and those who don’t are at a huge disadvantage.

In the last two days I’ve been approached by two unemployed people. One said to me, “I get how to market myself when I have a job but what should I say when I’m unemployed?” The other person said to me, “My College teacher told us all we had to have a LinkedIn profile and he had one. So I made one but the…

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  1. Thanks for both your input and passing it on Vikki. I hope to get some good ideas to eventually compile and then feedback in a future blog. It would be a good range of options I hope and a place to start for those looking to get started with LinkedIn.

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