10,000 Reasons To Chat With Eli

Kelly- a great post as usual!
Mentoring is so important and can really make a difference for one in university or one new to a specific field/work environment.
At times managers and supervisors are busy and a colleague who is front-line can be a valuable resource.

Employment Counselling with Kelly Mitchell

One of the Social Media groups I joined in 2012 was a group called 10,000 Coffees. The premise of this group is connecting young people just launching their careers who could benefit from guidance, mentoring and career counselling with experts across a wide field of careers. How is this done? Sitting down face-to-face or over a computerized networking platform.

Last week I was contacted by a young and enthusiastic man named Eli. Eli is motivated and in the future sees himself eventually running several large corporations. I’m going to skip over the actual dreams he has and speak more to the process and how beneficial this might be for you.

So like I said, Eli contacted me via the website which sent me an email advising that I had an invitation waiting. I was delighted when my suggestion of a face-to-face meeting at a local bistro was accepted, and it…

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