This is great Elena! Perhaps we can collaborate with your writing and mine?
English posts would be better as I am in Canada. -Vikki

Bringing Colour to Nursing

Dear readers, 

“Bringing Color to Nursing” was born in December 2014 although the Spanish Blog “Detotselscolors” has Coloring Nursingbeen active since December 2009.

My wish is creating a place of understanding, communication and meeting to share life essence, what make us vibrating.

We are capable to create and change our environment, we do constantly with or without awareness.

That is why through this blog I’d like:

Giving voice to ordinary people with life experiences and lessons in life that can help others. <LIFE STORIES,  STORIES WITH SOUL>.

In addition, I want to make visible health professionals in general and nurses in particular that shine with their own light, people who live their life with consistency and commitment, those who build another reality every day. . . <SHINING WITH THEIR OWN LIGHT>.

I would also like to let people know about different therapies and approaches to health care friendly with…

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