Our Small Deeds Define Us

Kelly, as always you write from the heart and with compassion and empathy.

I agree that people seem kinder, nicer, and more generous in spirit and monetarily at this time of year. Perhaps the lights, holiday displays, smell of freshly baked cookies puts people in a good mood!

Small, random acts of kindness are the best to me-giving without expecting anything in return or giving because you can.

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When we are bucking for a promotion or want to be assigned some project or assignment, is it at these times when we suddenly change our character, act kinder to those in influential positions or conversely do we stay true to whom we a:re throughout?

Having just had Christmas pass, in a few of the movies I watched recently some of the characters in the shows mused openly about how kinder people were at this time of the year; why couldn’t people carry this kindness and thoughtfulness with them throughout the balance of the year? Usually these people wondered about others instead of turning the question inward and asking it of themselves.

Have you ever noticed that a child who wants something often is on their best behaviour? That an adult who wants a change in behaviour from a child often says something like, “Remember Santa’s watching”, or “Somebody is…

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1 thought on “Our Small Deeds Define Us”

  1. I vote for “Secret Santa” all year long and once worked in an environment that found ways of doing that. Our leader-mentor-boss-friend-inspiration encouraged us to come up with creative ways of being that way to each other and teaching our students to do the same. It’s a little harder to experience that now that I work as a freelancer in my own home. But not impossible. 😉 Thank you for this post, Kelly and Victoria!

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