End-of-Life, Grief/Grieving/Bereavement

Reflections and Seeking Submissions

The holidays and the upcoming New Year celebrations are a time for being with family and friends, gratitude, and reflection.

2014 was a good year for me for many reasons, but much of it having to do with professional growth. I finally finalized the direction to move in professionally, which balances my life in general.

End of Life, death and dying along with grief and bereavement are not the areas for everyone; but I find myself drawn to it. I keep coming across articles, blogs, discussions and I have begun a certification course in it. I also plan to facilitate workshops and discussions on these topics (see Workshops page for more information).

I find one thing, one idea, one connection leads to another…….for this I am very grateful.

The book I am co-authoring is in this area and is a project which I would title, ‘a labor of love’ for both Julie and I. We continue to solicit submissions, compile, edit, and work towards publication. There are a few areas we have not connected with individuals yet and so we ask should you or someone you know be interested, we are seeking submissions for:

  • multiple loss
  • blended-family loss
  • death of a child (youth)
  • religious and spiritual perspectives: Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim
  • A perspective that is against medically assisted suicide legislation, whether individual or organizational.

Please contact me at: vikki.brewster@gmail.com

Thank you!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season and Happy New Year!

Vikki and Julie

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