Know Fear as a Leader

“One of the reasons why concerns about management show up so often is that they are symbolic of a culture of mistrust and blame….”

‘Them versus us’ thinking does not lead to collaborative problem solving.’

Good sound advice: Instead of creating “us and them” distinctions, people talk in terms of ‘we.’ In spirit, people assume that “we’re all in this together.”
– Kathleen Ryan and Daniel Oestreich


Woman in Fear To say that the workplace has changed a lot in the past decade, with more changes imminent, should not come as a surprise to most people. It’s almost become a trite statement to talk about the rapid changes that organizations have undergone. People – managers and staff – know this. They live it every day at work and in their personal lives.

But what’s not been talked about very much in the past is the issue of fear in organizations. When it’s addressed in the literature it’s often in the context of learning. The aspect of managerial leadership and its link to fear has not been written about widely, and when it is discussed it is not given enough attention. Kathleen Ryan and Daniel Oestreich have carried out extensive on this topic over many years, producing several books under the theme Driving Fear Out of the Workplace.

They define…

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