We Have To Do More People

Sage advice Kelly! The middle class is dwindling; there are the ultra wealthy, the wealthy, the few still in middle class, the poor, and those in poverty.

Part of what should happen is less consumerism and more time, energy, and focus on family, making connections, helping others and then there would be a shift in society.

We all need the basics; food, shelter, clothing, education, employment, purpose to our lives and the rest is ‘window dressing!’

Employment Counselling with Kelly Mitchell

2015 is going to be here in a couple of weeks. When it arrives, beyond the festivities of New Year’s Eve and the wee hours of New Years Day, it may not look on first glance to be much different from 2014 but it will be.

I’m an optimist and a realist and rarely if ever a pessimist. When I do catch myself be somewhat of a pessimist I do what I can to alter my attitude and check my thoughts. Looking into 2015 I see challenges which if we do what we’ve always done, we may not overcome and our communities will be less well off than they might be otherwise.

As Employment Counsellors, Career Advisors and Recruiters, we’ve got to raise our expectations of ourselves, do more to invest ourselves with our clients, be proactive and impactful. You and I might sometimes wonder how on earth that’s possible…

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