Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

2014 is almost over and 2015 around the corner. An opportunity to make changes in one’s life both professionally and personally can be had by all, should one wish.

As a professional I have grown by ‘leaps and bounds’ as the expression goes and I plan for this to continue. 2014 has provided me with opportunity, collaboration with professionals around the world, and brought additional meaning and purpose to my life and I am very grateful!

I would like to take this posting as an opportunity to say thank you to the many professionals in my life who have made my 2014 year an exceptional one:

  • My colleagues at Social Justice Solutions-SJS, without my connection and collaboration with all of them in 2012, I would not have continued with writing to the extent that I have. Thank you for the opportunity to write book reviews and to interview professionals in the field. I look forward to our continued collaboration!
  • A special thank you to Julie Saeger Nierenberg, my co-author of Journey’s End. It has been a wonderful year of collaboration and teamwork. We work well together and I look forward to the next and final stage of completing the book and having it published in 2015!
  • To the many professionals I have ‘met’ through LinkedIn. Thank you for the connection, the collaboration, and support! May 2015 bring us all continued collaboration, happiness, and opportunity.
  • Because of LinkedIn, I connected with a colleague here in Montreal and have the opportunity to write for a local organization, OTTITI. To Martine Castonguay-Thank you and I look forward to writing, opening a dialogue, and sharing information. The website looks amazing and the team is wonderful!
  • To all my colleagues at Cummings Centre where I work as a Case Manager and group facilitator-thank you! 14 years later I continue to enjoy my job, the interactions with clients, the discussions we as colleagues have, and the mentoring I receive!
  • To those professionals that I have recently collaborated with re: posting from their blogs to this blog; NorthernMSW- Thank you! (Dr. Gabi Heras, Dr. Steven Kassels, Kelly Mitchell) I look forward to continued collaboration in the 2015 year!
  • Rea L. Ginsberg-Thank you! Your articles are very relevant and I value your opinion, judgement, and experience.

I also would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Holidays, no matter which holiday your celebrate, Chanukah, Christmas, Winter Solstice, Kwanza and a very Happy and Healthy New Year! May the spirit of the holiday season linger in your hearts and minds all through the upcoming year!

Victoria Brewster, MSW (Vikki)

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!”

  1. Victoria, you are so sweet to mention me here in your 2014 highlights. Just now finding this post buried among neglected emails (I do have some excuses). I feel so lucky to have you in author partnership and am enjoying the ride very much! To great things and great times ahead — and lots of them in 2015! Your work inspires me, daily! Thank you.

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