Overcoming Trepidation

Good for you Kelly! We all at times need to step out of our comfort zone. If we do not, we never ‘grow’ as individuals or professionals. I am sure it went well!

Employment Counselling with Kelly Mitchell

Today at work, I’m going to be pushing my personal boundaries of comfort and do something I’ve never done before. I’m voluntarily stepping into the spotlight in front of all my co-workers and it’ll be one of those make it or break it moments that if done successfully, will bolster my self-esteem, see my self-confidence grow, and hopefully make my workplace just a little bit happier for having taken the risk.

So what am I doing? Delivering a workshop? Making some kind of address to my colleagues? Sharing a presentation of some kind? No….not really. You see I’m going to be playing my guitar and singing with three other staff members during a noon hour Management appreciation luncheon. Big deal you say? Uh yes! To me it is.

You see I’m comfortable doing community theatre, acting and singing on stage to a house of 700 people, even when it’s a…

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