Older Adults and Needed Changes

As a case manager who works with older adults, I see first hand the struggles that some seniors face.

Today, a question was posed to a group of seniors as to what they think needs to change or needs to improve to make their lives easier.

1- Special buses for older adults to go to various local destinations, i.e. shopping, appointments, events.

2- Transportation  that is affordable needs to be improved overall for older adults whether one is independent, uses auxiliary devices for mobility like a cane, walker, wheel chair, crutches, walking stick, etc.

3- The Montreal metro’s need to be renovated to increase access for all no matter their mobility level. Elevators should be installed, escalators in working/functioning order.

4- Healthcare to improve-access, wait times, shorter waiting lists, accessible general practitioners and specialists-a more Person-Centered approach.

I am sure all these issues are problematic for older adults across Canada. Advocacy is important and needed by seniors themselves, professionals and the general population. We will all be ‘older’ one day and why not pave the way now for the future generation of older adults.

By Victoria Brewster, MSW

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