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Buddhist Contemplative Care Symposium: 2014

The groundbreaking gathering encourages researchers, physicians, spiritual care providers, and patient advocates to learn from each other and grow as healers.  Participants will share contemplative best practices and experiential teachings, while collectively beginning work toward common standards of practice. The symposium takes place in Garrison, NY from November 6th thru 9th. Neuroscience research has demonstrated the… Continue reading Buddhist Contemplative Care Symposium: 2014

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Excerpt from: Journey’s End

Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life  by Victoria Brewster, MSW and Julie Saeger Nierenberg, MA Ed This article is an excerpt from the upcoming book: Journey's End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life, written, compiled, and edited by Victoria Brewster, MSW and Julie Saeger Nierenberg, MA Ed with an anticipated release… Continue reading Excerpt from: Journey’s End


Older Adults and Needed Changes

As a case manager who works with older adults, I see first hand the struggles that some seniors face. Today, a question was posed to a group of seniors as to what they think needs to change or needs to improve to make their lives easier. 1- Special buses for older adults to go to… Continue reading Older Adults and Needed Changes

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Employee-Centered Management: Book Review

When you begin reading a book and between the introduction and the first thirty pages of the book, you take 5 pages of notes, you know the information within is good. The book is: Employee-Centered Management by Larry Wenger, MSW. The book is written by a social worker with a long work history as front line… Continue reading Employee-Centered Management: Book Review

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Assisted Dying as Controversial as Abortion?

Assisted Dying is a topic one sees all over social media, blog posts, and in the news; although other terms used are assisted suicide, euthanasia, and dying with dignity. In June, Quebec became the first province to pass legislation which will come into effect later this year.  Although the wording is ‘respecting end of life… Continue reading Assisted Dying as Controversial as Abortion?

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My Superpower? Seeing Inside People

By Kelly Mitchell - Guest Blogger If you asked me what one of my strengths is, perhaps I’d choose to tell you that I see things in other people that they themselves either don’t see at all, or they are surprised because so few people see it. Many others have this skill and ability, and… Continue reading My Superpower? Seeing Inside People