Pay it Forward for the Holidays…..

I loved the movie and the book, ‘Pay it Forward. ‘ To think it took a child to start something amazing at his school. I also like Kevin Spacey as an actor and he played his role well.  As a continuation of my article on  ‘Compassion during the Holidays,’  I would like this to be a focus as well.

In the spirit of giving, do something nice for someone just because you can! Let the person who has two items go in front of you at the cash register, buy someone a coffee or lunch because you want to. Pay the toll of the person behind you at the tollbooth, treat a stranger to dinner, give a donation to charity… give of yourself. There is nothing like volunteering, particularly during the holiday season.

Clothes and non-perishable food items are all needed at this time of  year, as are  handmade items such as quilts, knitted blankets, hats, scarves, gloves, or perhaps a new winter coat for one who cannot afford to buy one. I very much believe in the concept of: when I buy something new, I give away or donate something ‘old.’ If I buy a new shirt, I choose one from my closet and donate it. I have tried to teach this to my kids as well.

There will always be people who have more than you and there will always be people who have less than you. Be happy with what you have. ‘Pay it Forward’ means you do something out of the kindness of your heart and when that person says ‘thank you,’ you ask them to……’Pay it Forward’ and do the same for someone else.

By Victoria Brewster, MSW

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  1. Yes, Vikki and Julie, pay it forward. That’s part of the meaning of the season! A gift to others…and perhaps an even greater gift to oneself…and those we have loved and lost…

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