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National Forum on Patient Experience Conference- Day 1

The conference opened with Dr. Vaughan Glover, CEO, Canadian Association for People-Centered Health (CAPCH) welcoming everyone and he was also the moderator for the two-day conference. He generously gave all three hundred attendees a copy of his book, Journey to Wellness: Designing a People-Centered Health System for Canadians. The opening address was with Leslee Thompson,… Continue reading National Forum on Patient Experience Conference- Day 1

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The Benefits to Attending Conferences

I was fortunate enough to be 'in the right place at the right time' as the expression goes. Thanks to my moderating a group on LinkedIn in an area that interests me both professionally and personally, I just attended The National Forum on Patient Experience in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The forum began on a high note… Continue reading The Benefits to Attending Conferences

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Adding Skills to the MSW

Now that summer is over and fall almost upon us, it is the time of year I focus on reflection. I find myself looking to add to my 'toolbox' even though I have my MSW degree. Every professional should add to their skill set, improve or expand their knowledge base and continue to learn. I… Continue reading Adding Skills to the MSW


Quotes on the Topic of Death Worth Reading

"Death is a subject that is evaded, ignored and denied by our youth-worshipping society. Death is inevitable-we will all die-the question is when?" -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross "Live each day as if it is the only one you have. Find a sense of peace and strength to deal with life's disappointments and pain while striving to discover vehicles… Continue reading Quotes on the Topic of Death Worth Reading

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Amazing Teacher: Amazing Students

Two amazing books that are a must read both for parents and teachers, and really anyone who works with children are Rafe Esquith’s, Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire and Lighting Their Fires. This is the teacher you want for your kids. This is the teacher you want mentoring/teaching the youth of the future. This is… Continue reading Amazing Teacher: Amazing Students

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Charter of Quebec Values for Who?

The more I read on the issue of the Charter of Quebec Values, I wonder whose values are these? Not mine. I agree with separation of ‘church and state,’ but this is so much more than that. ‘It was originally billed as a “Charter of Secularism,” but the government changed the label. In its revised… Continue reading Charter of Quebec Values for Who?

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A Quote Worth Sharing

"The only way my life makes sense is if, regardless of culture, race, religion, tribe; there is this commonality, these essential human truths and passions and hopes and moral precepts that are universal. And that we can reach out beyond our differences. If that is not the case, then it is pretty hard for me… Continue reading A Quote Worth Sharing