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Assisted Suicide

An article in the Winnipeg Free Press states that Susan Griffiths, age 72 is heading to Switzerland and the Dignitas Clinic where she will end her life on her own terms in the next few weeks. She has Multiple System Atrophy, an incurable disease with Parkinson’s like symptoms; loss of balance, movement and control of virtually every bodily… Continue reading Assisted Suicide

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Could You Live on $1.75 a Day?

The Huffington Post: Canada published an article, “Could You Live in Canada on $1.75 a Day?” The title speaks for itself in that it is hard to imagine anyone living on $1.75 a day, yet this is the reality for many in the world. The author of this article, Erin Deviney, lived in Australia for… Continue reading Could You Live on $1.75 a Day?

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Alzheimer’s ‘Checkbook’- A Creative Solution

When a loved one develops Alzheimer’s, the diagnosis can be devastating for both the one afflicted and the family. The progression of the disease is different for each individual, and the tasks one is able to manage or take part in is different from person to person as is the reaction and involvement of the… Continue reading Alzheimer’s ‘Checkbook’- A Creative Solution

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The Gap Between Rich and Poor

The gap between rich and poor is growing. There used to be a ‘middle class’ but I find this segment disappearing. There is the wealthy and everyone else. Everyone else describes those who used to be classified as middle class or lower-middle class and those that live in poverty. Poverty also has its classifications of… Continue reading The Gap Between Rich and Poor