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Social Programs for a Stronger Canada

This is a link worth reviewing and it also provides you with the option of sending a letter to your Provincial Minister of Social Services:

The Canadian Social Transfer(CST) is the primary source of federal funding in Canada that supports provincial and territorial social programs. Without this federal funding, provinces would be unable to provide essential programs for children, social services, and post secondary education which includes affordable housing, childcare, overall health and wellbeing of everyone. 

“With most provinces and territories adopting poverty reduction plans, it has become clear that Canada requires a national plan. A national strategy would ensure that all Canadians, regardless of their age or where they live, would have equitable access to programs and services to support living with dignity and respect.”

“Since 2006, the respective provincial and territorial Ministers Responsible for Social Services have not met with their federal counterparts to share best practices and develop national strategies for investments in the social determinants of health” notes CASW President, Morel Caissie. “It’s now time to put Canadians first and bring all parties involved in financing and delivering social programs together with renewed our commitment to human rights as enshrined in our Constitution.”

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