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Social Programs for a Stronger Canada

This is a link worth reviewing and it also provides you with the option of sending a letter to your Provincial Minister of Social Services: The Canadian Social Transfer(CST) is the primary source of federal funding in Canada that supports provincial and territorial social programs. Without this federal funding, provinces would be unable to provide… Continue reading Social Programs for a Stronger Canada

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The Best Way to Get Help is to Give It

Now in all honestly, who better than one who works in the helping profession to know the importance of gratitude? I could not resist sharing two links to articles on INC. titled: The Stuff Strong Relationships are Made Of  and The Power of Gratitude, both written by Jeff Haden. There are wonderful messages of gratitude from writing hand written 'thank you'… Continue reading The Best Way to Get Help is to Give It

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2013 Canadian Budget

This link is worth reading: It is very unfortunate that health is not foremost in the minds of the federal government as it is the number #1 concern/priority according to Canadians! In the coming year, the Canada Health Transfer, the tax money Ottawa gives the provinces for health, will reach $30.3-billion – about 15… Continue reading 2013 Canadian Budget

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Waitlists in Canadian Healthcare

Perhaps because I work in social services with seniors, I am drawn to any information that focuses on Canadian healthcare. The most recent article I read focuses on the cost of waitlists. Imagine you have a ‘non-urgent’ health condition, would you want to wait months to see a specialist? If you are in constant back… Continue reading Waitlists in Canadian Healthcare

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The Value of Canadian Health

I came across an article from the Health Council of Canada which announced the shortlist for the fourth annual Health Innovation Challenge. In September of 2012, a challenge was initiated and directed to university students to find innovative practices in Canadian health care, state why the innovations were working and how they could be applied… Continue reading The Value of Canadian Health

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Recipe for a Happy Day

A client gave me this 'recipe' for happiness in life. I wanted to share it with others as I consider the 'recipe' words of wisdom. Ingredients: 1 cup of friendly words 2 heaping cups of understanding 4 heaping teaspoons time and patience A pinch of warm personality Dash of humor Mixing: Measure words carefully. Add… Continue reading Recipe for a Happy Day