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Dreams are real
and without them life is a sad existence.

Dreams hold us together and give us a vision,
something to aim for,
the road leading to our destination.

Dreams are the magic,
the magician making us laugh,
or the sun which makes us warm.

Dreams are like the rain,
when it ends there is a rainbow,
that streaks across the sky in shimmering colors
and where it ends,
is a new beginning.

Dreams are our imagination
and they are what we make of them.

Without dreams, we are nothing,
for dreams are the child, the joy, the sadness the imagination,
the goals in all of us.

I wrote this poem quite awhile ago, but the poem signifies our journey in life, both personal and professional. Dreams, imagination, goals and inspiration are part of our creative drive. I cannot picture my life without creativity. We all have it in us; we just need to listen. Do not be afraid to try something new, something different. Take a chance and see what happens.

To start the process, picture in your mind ‘you’ doing something different, whether it is a new career, starting a new hobby or sport, making new friends or going on an adventure. How do you feel after imagining this new you? Do you feel better? Do you feel relaxed? Has your stress levels lessened or increased? Are you happy?

By doing activities like this in your mind, you are trying something new without taking a risk. It is a good way to begin and perhaps after doing this ‘mind exercise’ a few times and noting a positive reaction after both physically and mentally, you may be willing to take action and implement change in your life.

Written by Victoria Brewster, MSW

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