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Presence- Part 1

“Presence must be balanced with a strong sense of who you are at your core.”

“Treat everyone, no matter the person’s position or level of power as a respected colleague.”

“Pay attention, the simple act of noticing your own behavior and that of others, in a deeper way, will create an ongoing focal point on presence.”

(Taken from Kristi Hedges- The Power of Presence)

The definition of presence I would use in the above is: a noteworthy quality of poise and effectiveness, the actor’s commanding presence. This definition best describes the book above which is a fantastic book on leadership or management with a strong presence.

The focus is on a sense of worth, walk tall, hold your head up, look people in the eye, talk to everyone as an equal, display confidence with excitement and passion, and your body language must match the spoken message. This aspect will be discussed in more depth in a future post.

Further questions to consider focus on-What is it about some people that they can get others to follow them? What qualities do they have that state or show ‘trust me?’

First and foremost, be yourself, be authentic, be intentional and most importantly…. be present.

Written by Victoria Brewster, MSW

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