Worth reading as social media is becoming the ‘norm’ for many professions. Any professional needs to keep in mind that persona nd professional mix online. ‘Do not post something that you would not want posted on the front page of the NY Times’ I have both heard and read.
Think twice before posting a photo on Facebook.

Social Work/Social Care & Media

Technology is firmly now part and parcel of our daily lives, embedded in our culture and transcending our whole lives – professional, personal and those grey areas in between. So what are the rules of engagement for those of us who are either qualified and registered social workers or those on the pathway to qualification?

Do we have absolute freedom in our use of social media or are there constraints and obligations to which we need to adhere? More specifically to social work, is it a medium that we should be using with service users and, if so, what are the parameters to that interaction? Where risk and protection are a central focus, is social media a legitimate tool to aid social workers in their assessments of individuals, such as a parent’s suitability to care for and safeguard their child?

We know the old mantra, ‘with rights come responsibilities’, much…

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