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Seniors cared for in hospitals as no where else to go….

Seniors/older adults go to the hospital due to illness, disease, crisis and then what?

“national statistics show there were 4, 200 so-called Bed Blockers across the country, half of them waiting to get into Long Term Care.”

There needs to be an affordable solution. Home with care or LTC placement? More of both need to be created, but the biggest obstacles are money, staff and quality care.

2 thoughts on “Seniors cared for in hospitals as no where else to go….”

  1. Hi there. I live in Australia but was born in the UK. Have you heard of the Men’s Shed movement and is there a thing like that going on in Canada? It is very big here in Australia (I am involved in two, on the organisation side) and has enormous health benefits (both physical and mental) for men of all ages.

    1. No, I have not heard of the Men’s Shed Movement. Upon looking further into what it is, I can certainly see the benefits for those men that are interested. Many men keep their feelings and emotions to themselves which can be detrimental to their health and relationships with others-both female and male.
      I hope this is something that travels to other parts of the world as well!

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