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Repost of: ‘Me, My Mom and Alzheimer’s’

AD or Alzheimer’s Disease, a form of Dementia, the one that society fears the most. It robs a person of their memory, their thoughts, their ability to function. It can be a very slow moving disease or it can move quickly. The symptoms start slowly and can begin when one is in their 40’s.
This is worth reading from Joanne Cave as it describes her visit home for the holidays and what she saw:

“The symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s are complex and not restricted to memory loss. My mom sometimes struggles to solve simple problems, rationalize situations, plan sequences of time, participate in social settings without anxiety or confusion and find appropriate words to complete sentences. On multiple occasions, she has gotten lost in public places, or doesn’t remember where she is or why she went there. Some days, simple daily tasks are near impossible for her to complete independently.” for the full story…..