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What is Best for the Client/Patient?

by Victoria Brewster, MSW

So, the holidays are only a few weeks away…. now is a time to think what does a client need? How can we best assist them? Personally, as the holidays are only a few weeks way, I find older clients need more, are sicker or are dying. Is it the time of year? Is it coincidence?

My role as a professional is to assist them in the best way or manner that I can. Besides the fact that I am a MSW, it is just who I am. If I can make a client’s life easier, less stressful, bring a smile to their face; why not?

Many of my clients are 80 plus and overall are in good shape both physically and mentally. We all have our ‘good’ days and ‘not so good’ days. At any time any of us can receive news that health wise things are deteriorating. What do you do? Give up or stand firm?

How do you best assist your client?

What is the tug of war between your personal values and your employer values?

These are all questions to ask yourself and to seek answers…..

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5 thoughts on “What is Best for the Client/Patient?”

  1. Wow, this is a great post and not an easy answer. I work largely with teenage clients and many of them are in bad homes and loath the holidays because they don’t have school as an escape. These are the ones I think about and worry about the most. It is against my employers policy for clients to have our numbers or personal emails, but three of my most at risk clients have either my number or email and those are the ones who will text or email me when they are struggling at home during the holidays with depression, anxiety, family fighting, etc. I try to just offer quick, solution focused advice in order to cut down on the frequency of the back and forth messaging. This gave me a great idea to maybe have my clients come up with safety plans and strategies on how to deal with issues they know are likely to come up over the holidays (i.e., drunk parent, arguing, feeling isolated, etc.). Thank you!

    1. It is understandable that teenagers who are not in good home settings would not look forward to the holidays. Holidays have different meanings for different people. School activities, community activities and volunteering are all ways that teenagers can find some meaning in the holidays-being with and helping others.
      Being with friends can be helpful to. Meeting out even if it is at the library could prove a refuge for anyone who needs a quiet place to just be……

      1. The great thing about social media is the online discussions that occur and the feedback and suggestions we can provide one another. To me, it is an opportunity and similar to an online version of a case review, without the intricate details.

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