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The Holidays: A Difficult Time of Year for Many

by Victoria Brewster, MSW

The holidays bring up warm memories to some and for others makes them want to hide for the next 6 weeks.

I have fond memories of childhood holiday gatherings with my family; the food, the baking, the decorating, buying gifts, wrapping the gifts, the general holiday spirit that is everywhere at this time of year.

Now, as an adult, and for the fact I work with older adults, those memories are still there, the smell of sugar cookies baking will bring me back to my childhood…..but I can see for some of my clients that this time of year is difficult.

The memories are not so pleasant. The next 6 weeks will be long for them.

As a helping professional, part of my role is to ease this discomfort if I can for my clients. Make an extra phone call, spend a few more minutes talking with a client, acknowledge that this time of year can be difficult.

I can be resourceful and find out where some events are taking place in the city and share it with those that might be interested.

Others choose to stay home and do not want to socialize and I have to accept that, but that does not mean I cannot call them to say hello and see how they are managing.

The holiday spirit is inside each one of us and is something that can be shared.

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